NEW YEAR SEMINAR "MILONGA & VALS" January 2-5 2019 (by Sayaka & Joscha)

The seminar gives the opportunity to immerse deeply into the characteristics and the technical necessities of dancing VALS & MILONGA. We will work on the perspective of body technique, mechanics and musicality and make it easy to enjoy and apply it on the dancefloor.

Each day offers 2 classes (a and b) building on each other. The Parts can also be booked separately.

A set of exercises to prepare our body and understand movements particularly necessary for the day's topic - also generally helpful to feel more clarity, power and freedom in your dance.

*Part b) 20:30-22:00h TOPIC OF THE DAY:
In couples. A special seminar to particularly understand the character, intention and energy, dancing VALS & MILONGA.

Places limited.
Discount possibilities:
- 1) Whole Vals & Milonga unit (2 days)

- 2) All four days
- 3) Students

Registration to: contact@sayakayjoscha.com

*Part a) can be booked single / no partner needed
*Part b) registreation in couples


(by Sayaka & Joscha)

A new edition of the "Intensive Weekend Tango Seminar" in Vienna, Austria. The intensive seminar provides a synthesis of the newest insights and Tango fundamentals, extracted from "Sayaka Higuchi and Joscha Engel's" findings in their ongoing research about movement quality, connection, musicality and body mechanics in Tango and beyond.
The participants have the opportunity to work in a small group during 5 Workshops (in 2 days). The seminar's topic will be approached and examined from different angles and on various levels.
The beginning provides the basics to advance and develop in a profound and relaxed way - opening new possibilities and qualitites which will be explored and individually enhanced by each couple.

Places limited.
Registration: info@tangoinitiative.com /// contact@sayakayjoscha.com